Roanoke Deaf Fellowship

Roanoke, Virginia



Letter From Pastor...

     I am pleased that you have chosen to visit our website of RDF (Roanoke Deaf Fellowship). I want to express my heart to you. I pray that you will come and visit us at our worship time and consider becoming part of this church for the Deaf. This is focused on reaching the Deaf of Roanoke Valley.

     I want to share the vision of RDF. Roanoke Deaf Fellowship is a church where you will…

     Discover who you are in Christ                                                        Gal. 2:20

     Encourage unity within the community                                              Rom. 12:5

     Always put God first                                                                      Matt. 22:37

     Focus on loving God, family & others                                               Eph. 5:17


Please take time to view the pages and consider becoming part of RDF where you can worship Jesus Christ who gave us best hope and have unity within the community. I pray that you will consider us. I am looking forward to see you this Sunday.


Aaron Reed

Video Phone: 866-971-8127

Text: 540-597-8017


 Our Mission:

“Bringing Christ to the Deaf community while encouraging love and unity